Five Things to Know about New York’s REV Initiative

New York

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Initiative. While a thorough overview would be more of a book than a blog post, I’ve assembled some highlights for you. Here are answers to 5 key questions I’ve been getting. 1. What is it? Major utility reforms, divided into two tracks, or areas of focus. The first track transitions utilities into multi-directional, smart platforms, called Distribution Service Platforms, or DSPs, which enable

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What’s New – August 2016


Thanks to those of you who have reached out to ask where my newsletter went. I did not disappear, or go on a grand vacation – I’ve been hard at work and haven’t taken much time to reflect. Maybe it’s my contrarian streak wanting to hunker down when everyone else is at the beach. I have a few things to share: First, congratulations to my client, the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority, on the release of its Open Solicitation for

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The End of Nukes in CA

Congrats PG&E! Closing out a big news week in the clean energy world, what I’m most excited about is my client PG&E’s announcement that it is phasing out its Diablo Canyon Nuclear Generating Facility and replacing it with renewables, efficiency, and storage! On top of that, PG&E committed to an increased renewable portfolio standard of 55% by 2031. While I didn’t work on the Diablo Canyon deal, the announcement does have a major ripple effect into my world, as

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Client Spotlight: Advanced Microgrid Solutions


When I heard that the Irvine Company, one of the best-regarded real estate investors in the country, signed up to have on-site Tesla batteries, I was intrigued. When I found out that Irvine was expected to save $900,000 a year by installing the batteries, I knew I needed to know more. I’ve been looking for opportunities to bring together my institutional real estate background with my clean-energy expertise. Fast-forward a few months, and I am working with the company

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Miriam tries…Improv as Cross-Training for the Business Brain

My class being a carnival. I'm the funhouse mirror in the back!

In the last six weeks, I’ve been: a sailboat, a snake, a plunger salesman, and a general plotting a robot war. I’ve thrown invisible balls to people who caught them. I’ve also played seemingly endless rounds of a game called “Pass The Clap.” It’s not what you imagine. I have just completed an introductory-level improvisation class, and I can’t believe how helpful it has been for my business brain. While there’s nothing like actually being in a room with

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One Year In and Walking the Talk


Earlier this year, I marked one year since I decided to start my own consulting business. It has been a year of walking the talk and proving to myself and an industry that things can be done differently. Not surprisingly, a lot of people don’t get it or don’t want to take the risks of going down the path of what if. It makes sense…what if can be pretty scary. It’s easier to grumble about why a large organization

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Making Sense of YieldCos: Following the Yo-Yos


Every time I sit down to write my take on the current YieldCo market and its impact on the rest of the solar industry, the market changes before I finish my thoughts. So, I’ve decided to give some feedback on the general phenomenon of the YieldCo, its impact on the rest of the industry, and try to determine what it means. For me and many of my clients, the first step is to analyze the major market forces at

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So Into/So Over – Here is What Tops My Lists


I am so into: New California energy policy – SB 350 and AB 802 are taking the mystery out of energy efficiency. Measuring and verifying actual savings is something investors can get behind! Community solar taking off across the country The MEETS modelof energy efficiency finance as a potential solution for the tenant/landlord split incentive. Will utilities be willing to procure negawatts the same way they do megawatts? Behind the meter energy storage as a resource for both utilities

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Resilience: The Word on the Street

brooklyn bridge

I have started to hear the word resilience more and more from policy-makers, project developers, and investors. The first time the word hit my radar was when New Jersey established an Energy Resilience Bank in late 2014 as a way of spurring post-Sandy energy infrastructure development. Now we have the Rockefeller Foundations 100 Resilient Cities initiative, with cities across the world appointing Chief Resilience Officers separate from Directors of Sustainability, Public Works, Infrastructure, and Finance. Of course, resilience means

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