So Into/So Over – August 2016

So into:

I was NOT a fan of Eat, Pray, Love and didn’t expect much. Boy, was I surprised. Gilbert’s take on fostering creativity is full of gems (with a few of her hippie-dippy ideas thrown in just to get under my skin).

One of my favorite parts is her realization during the meeting with the bankers in London and the radical way she changes the direction of the meeting.

  • My new office having a bar.

The founders of Covo are geniuses.

So over:

  • People who describe themselves as thought leaders. Come on.
  • Being focused on a capital raise instead of actually putting that capital to work and truly creating value.

These are not one and the same. In fact, putting capital to work is the only thing that should really matter. Its about actually making the bets, not just moving the money around.

  • Conferences…yes, still. Please just do good deals. Then we can have a conference where everyone who has done a good deal reports back.

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