So Into/So Over – March 2016 Edition

So Into:

  • The first clean energy loan from one of my first clients, The California Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank (IBank), which will be lending money to the City of Huntington Beach for a major streetlight project. Press release here.
  • Adam Grants new book Originals, a great resource for understanding the mindset, habits, and conditions necessary to innovate effectively. See what he says your choice of web browser says about how innovative you are…
  • The potential for grid-interactive residential electric water heaters as energy storage.
  • Geothermal greenhouses expanding what can be grown locally for many communities.

So Over:

  • The viability of recycling operations being dependent upon commodity pricing. Until we put a true cost on landfill and pollution caused by non-recycled materials or require (or value) recycled content in our goods, the success of recycling will ride the commodity market roller coaster, resulting in a lot of plastic, glass, and metal in landfills and oceans. Interesting article here.
  • The years-long presidential campaign. Would our outcomes differ if we only allowed a few months like some other countries do?
  • Companies and politicians setting clean energy goals without mechanisms to achieve them. Massive goals are only laudable if there is tactical support on the ground and real projects happening!

What are you so into/so over? Want to nominate something for inclusion in a future list? Let me know!

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