One Year In and Walking the Talk

Earlier this year, I marked one year since I decided to start my own consulting business. It has been a year of walking the talk and proving to myself and an industry that things can be done differently.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people don’t get it or don’t want to take the risks of going down the path of what if. It makes sense…what if can be pretty scary. It’s easier to grumble about why a large organization or certain managers do things a certain way, opine on how we would do things if we were in charge, or get comfortable whining from the comfort of corporate offices. Actually getting off of our behinds and taking that control? Well that is a whole different game, and it takes guts. There are many unknowns and no rules or even guidelines. Of course, I’m not alone. While my company bears my name and ultimately is my responsibility, I have a phenomenal group of trusted advisors and subject matter experts with whom I have developed relationships throughout my career. The best advice they have given me is to trust my gut and forge ahead.

And forge ahead I have. Last year, I had no clients. I now have a strong client roster of people who see how I grow businesses, make better investors, and find solutions to seemingly untenable problems. Through relentless questioning, prototyping, and refining, I am finding ways to enable billions of dollars in energy efficiency financing. I’m finding pathways to get emerging technologies into the mainstream, and I am doing my best to inject a practical voice into the muddy world of clean energy.

This is what I’ve always wanted to do: spend my days working only on what is important and actionable, and speaking honestly, with the sole intent of making good deals happen.

I look forward to announcing some of the deals I’m working on over the next several months. If you think my approach might be a good fit for what you are trying to accomplish, please reach out. It is a lot of fun doing what people think can’t be done!

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